Hickory Dickory Art
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All children love butterflies - whether its their colours, their beauty or their sheer freedom and spirit in the way they take flight .

That is the starting point behind this range of painting done specifically for the “ little ones”. Each deep edged (3cm) canvass is individually hand painted with adorable & loveable, animals and teddy bears.  Afterwards a number of beautiful feather & silk butterflies and dragonflies are attached,  whose wings extend out from the canvass to truly bring the painting to life. Each painting can then be personalised with the childs name for that special touch.

The overall effect is to create a bit of wonder and magic in a childs room and to stimulate their imagination, making it the perfect adornment for a child's bedroom wall ..... A perfect gift for a newborn, a christening or a birthday.


Welcome to  Hickory Dickory Art ...  where we create magic and wonder in a child’s bedroom with beautiful hand-painted, personalised paintings.  Upon which  handcrafted, captivating butterflies and dragonflies spread their wings and take flight ....... 

Take a look and give the gift of enchantment......
From Euro 55